FAQ – Input Frequently Asked Questions

How do I adjust the Street View?

Once your property is mapped correctly, you can also set the street view. To adjust the street view, click on the Choose Google Street View located underneath the map picture.



A new window will appear and will allow you to adjust the street view for your property. You can move your picture up, down, left, right, zoom in, and zoom out.



When you have your property positioned correctly, click on OK.

What is a partial listing and how would I use it in Matrix?

A partial listing in Matrix is actually called an Incomplete listing. Whenever you enter a new listing, it is recommended that you save your listing as Incomplete so that you are able to add pictures and supporting documents. Once you have uploaded all of your pictures and supporting documents, you can access your listing again to Submit the Listing.


There are two ways to access your incomplete listing:


  1. It will appear on your home screen under the My Listing Widget. It will be labeled My Incoming Listings (1).


Click on the My Incoming Listings link, then click on the MLS number in the single line display. Click on the Edit link at the bottom of the listing sheet. After clicking on the Edit link, Click on the Residential Input Form link to take you back to your listing. Once everything is complete in your listing, you are ready to Submit Your Listing.


  1. The second way to access the Incomplete Listing is to go to the Input Tab, select your listing from the dropdown list. Your Listing should have an “I” by it since it is incomplete.

After selecting your listing, click on Residential Input Form.


Once everything is complete in your listing, you are ready to Submit Your Listing.

How do I map my property correctly?

Mapping your property is a function of the input a new listing routine. When you are on the Listing Information tab on the Residential Input form, click on the Get Lat/Long from Address link located underneath the map picture. Clicking on this link will position a pin at the location of the property.


If the property is still not mapped correctly, you can adjust it by using the Set Lat/Long Manually.