FAQ-Rules & Regulations

Where can I find the latest version of the CTXMLS Rules and Regulations?

What is the photo policy for listings?

Section 1.8 Photo Requirements


At least one photo must be submitted to Central Texas MLS at time of entry, regardless of property type and/or status except where the seller expressly directs that the images of the property are not to be submitted to Central Texas MLS.


One photo must be a “curbside” view of the property that shows the property upon arrival. Participants and Subscribers may select one photo that will be displayed as the primary photo. For new construction, the exterior elevation or the floor plan is acceptable. For unimproved non-residential properties, a plat or survey of the property is acceptable.


Digital images and photo description text should not contain information that brands the listing to a specific agent or office. This includes contact information such as names, phone numbers, email addresses or website addresses, including the use of embedded, overlayed or digitally stamped information. All real estate, builder, developer or property management signs are prohibited from appearing in the photo.


Images previously submitted by a Participant may not be used by other Participants on subsequent listings without written permission.