Searching Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set my market area as a search default on my Market Watch and Hot Sheets?

Please clicks on the links below for a complete tutorial on how to accomplish this task.


For Market Watch, click here.
For Hot Sheets, click here.

How do I do a search for a property with FM in the address?

Because it is difficult to control how agents enter addresses, it is best to utilize the * when you perform searches. Did an agent enter FM 236 or did they enter Farm to Market 236. To assist you with this type of search, try the following using the *.


A * 236


By entering the above in your speed bar, you are saying you want all Active properties that ends with 236 regardless of what was entered before the 236. This also means your search results could contain CR 236, FM 236, Farm to Market 236, or TBD CR 236.


Issues also exist when you are searching for residential properties in the city. For instance, did an agent enter an address as Cobblestone Ct or did they enter it as Cobble Stone Ct. Try this:


A Cobble*


By entering this search, you are searching for Active properties that start with Cobble regardless of what comes after the word Cobble. If matrix gets confused, you may have to answer a question as shown below:



I’ve tried searching on the speed bar but then I get a new window asking a question. Why do the search results not appear?

When Matrix is confused by your entry, it will ask you a question to clarify what your looking for in your search. As an example, if you were to just type Victoria in the speed bar, Matrix will prompt you with Did you mean: City: Victoria, County: Victoria, or Street Name: Victoria? When you receive this type of message, you must click on one of the options so Matrix will know which field to search.


Can you give me a tip for searching using the speed bar?

A suggestion has been made to perform a Quick Search, click on Results, then view what is located in the speed bar. This will allow you to equate the search criteria you entered in your Quick Search to how it is displayed in your speed bar. As an example, if you performed a Residential Quick Search with the criteria:


  • Active
  • Pending taking backups
  • $100,000 to $150,000
  • In Victoria

After you clicked on results, your speed bar will be filled with the following:



As you conduct more searches, you will begin to understand the correct ways to enter information into the speed bar.

How do I search homes with pools or other specific features?

Matrix has many fields where data is stored related to the property listing. Pool information is stored in a field “Exterior Features”. You do the ability to add a search field to the search screen. To add a field to your search screen, do the following:

1. While in the search screen, look for the Add link located at the bottom left of the screen. This link is underneath where you click on Results to see listings. Click on the Add link.

2. Clicking on the Add link will provide you with a list of fields available in Matrix. Locate the Exterior Features field by navigating up or down in the list of fields. Once you have found Exterior Features, you can double-click on the field or you can click on the Add -> button to move the field name to the Selected Field box as shown below.

3. Once you have added the Exterior Features field to the Selected Fields box, click on the Back button to return to your search screen.

4. Once you have returned to your search screen, you will notice that the Exterior Features field is available at the bottom of your screen. If you are wanting a home that has an In Ground Pool, simply select In Ground Pool from the Exterior Features field as part of your search critera.