Matrix by CoreLogic

As one of the fastest-growing multiple listing platforms, Matrix™ has proven itself a clear leader in multiple listing technology. Unrivaled speed and cutting-edge functionality deliver the performance modern real estate professionals demand.


With a freeform search bar and sub-second results—no matter how complex the query—searching with Matrix feels a lot like running a Google® search. Right from the gate, the powerful platform serves up rich feature sets and extensive administrative functionality that can easily be customized, allowing users to define the system to suit their specific needs.

High-performance functionality

Matrix users can run searches, send emails, view maps, generate statistics, prepare reports, create customized listing presentations and much more, all in a few clicks—and in other languages, which is ideal for regions with diverse populations.

Maximum compatibility

Matrix is a pure HTML platform, so the system can be accessed from virtually any web-browsing device, from Apple® Mac® and PCs to tablets and phones.

The ultimate in speed and performance

Matrix™ has proven itself as a clear leader in multiple listing platforms. Maximum speed is central to the Matrix product philosophy, delivering the performance real estate professionals demand.  Many of North America’s largest real estate organizations have selected Matrix above all others.

As part of CoreLogic’s commitment to delivering the very best real estate software experience, our product team is continually working hard on adding new features and functionality improvements.

  • Maximum compatibility and mobility. Matrix is a pure HTML application, so the system can be accessed from virtually any computer, tablet, or phone with Internet access.
  • Speed. Matrix is fast. See for yourself. It displays the elapsed time for every search in hundredths of a second.
  • Work smarter. Matrix offers shortcuts, a speed search bar, listing carts, multi-tasking, and more for maximum efficiency. Matrix also automatically saves all recent searches for quick access from any page.
  • Property-centric. Realist® functionality will be merging into Matrix to give you a detailed view of every property in your market—regardless if it’s a current listing, past listing, or never listed at all.
  • Clients will love it too! Matrix provides newly designed, fully responsive, real estate portals for clients, fostering improved customer service and communication. Matrix also offers a variety of options when it comes to automatically emailing listings to clients.
  • Multi-language support. Matrix provides multiple listing organizations with the ability to offer service in more than one language.
  • Expandable. From wireless to security and everything in between, add-on products and services can be integrated into Matrix to create a truly customized solution for your members.